Rangeelay Episode 19 Hum TV Drama in HD


Rangeelay’s protagonist, Seth Ismail, is an extremely miserly person, because of which his wife, Shehnaz has become sick of him. Their daughter, Sarah, is extremely beautiful, while Danish, is the other important character in the serial, lazy habits have resulted in him becoming financially indebted to Seth Ismail. Seth Ismail, along with his wife and daughter move into Danish’s house, following which such foolish activities take place that viewers are bound to find them hilarious.

Title: Rangeelay Episode 19 Hum TV - March 15, 2014 Drama Name: Rangeelay Season: 1 Channel Name: Hum TV Cast Khalid Anum   Saba Faisal   Ahmed Hassan   Nida Khan   Writer: Khurram Abbas Director: Wajhat Rauf Producer: Wajhat Rauf- Showcase Productions