Mehram Episode 1 Hum TV Drama in HD


Mehram unveils the story of a modest family, where Hamza is living with his brother’s widow Iqra , as a result of which they become the brunt of suspicions. Hamza has immense respect for Iqra, but they secretly get married to silence all the idle talk. Soon after their paper marriage, Iqra realizes that Hamza needs a wife, someone he loves, and insists on him marrying Maya, for whom Hamza has feelings. The story takes a turn as Maya and Hamza wed and Maya discovers about his paper marriage to Iqra.
Will Maya stay with Hamza after learning the truth?

Title: Mehram Episode 1 Hum TV - September 20, 2014 Drama Name: Mehram Season: 1 Channel Name: Hum TV Cast Moammar Rana   Aisha Khan   Zahid Ahmed   Shazia Naaz   Erum   Shaher Yar Zaidi   Agha Ali   Sajida Syed \r\n   Writer: Zafar Mairaj Director: Siraj ul Haq Producer: Moomal Shunaid