Kadurat Episode 3 Hum TV Drama in HD


Kadurat is the story of a girl, Meera, whose mother abandons her when she is eight. Her father remarries to a mother of two and Meera is to accept them as her new family. Unable to bear this, Meera creates problems for her step family owing to which, Meera’s father sends her off to a hostel. She is heartbroken and takes her father with a vengeance. When she returns home after completing her education, she tries everything she can to deliberately create problems for her family.

Will she ever be able to reconcile herself to her new family?

Title: Kadurat Episode 3 Hum TV - July 31, 2013 Drama Name: Kadurat Season: 1 Channel Name: Hum TV Cast Imran Aslam   Saman Saeed   Deepak Parwani   Momal Sheikh   Angeline Malik   Junaid Khan   Sohail Hashmi   Semi Pasha   Writer: Zoha Hassan Director: Aabis Raza Producer: Momina Duraid