Izteraab Episode 1 Hum TV Drama in HD


The story revolves around a man with two wifes. Zara is a liberal woman who is married to Jazib, a conservative man. This conflict in viewpoints leads to separation between Zara and Jazib, who is now the custodian of their two kids. Meanwhile Jazib falls in love and marry his cousin Dua. The story takes a twist when Jazib learns that Zara has cancer. He brings her back home so Zara can spend more time with her children

Title: Izteraab Episode 1 Hum TV - April 02, 2014 Drama Name: Izteraab Season: 1 Channel Name: Hum TV Cast Saba Qamar   Mekaal Zulfiqar   Sanyia Shamshad   Writer: Amna Mufti Director: Misbah Khalid Producer: M&M Prod