Shukk Episode 11 ARY Digital Drama in HD


Mistrust and jealousy are the biggest relationship killers. Drama Serial SHUKK fosters the same philosophy. The story revolves around three pivotal characters; Sherish, Ehtisham and Sania. Sehrish and Ehtisham being a happily married couple have always kept their relation free from all sort of deceit and dubiety, despite being deprived of a child. But unfortunately an accidental encounter of the couple with Sania, who was once engaged to Ehtisham but is now married to Ali, infused a high level of conflict and distrust in their relation. This suspicion not only ruins the life of Sehrish and Ehtisham but also spoiled the bond of love and affection between Sania and Ali, forcing Sania to face isolatio

Title: Shukk Episode 11 ARY Digital - December 28, 2013 Drama Name: Shukk Season: 1 Channel Name: ARY Digital Cast Ayesha Khan   Adeel Hussain   Sanam Saeed   Jibran Syed   Badar Khalil   Shamim Hilali   Writer: Sameera Fazal Director: Yasir Nawaz