Qismat Episode 22 ARY Digital Drama in HD

QISMAT, explores the complexity of relationships within the same family. The story revolves around two cousins living in the same neighborhood, but despite being related by blood, a deep sense of jealousy and disgust lingers between the two young women. While one is good at heart and in nature,
the other is determined to destroy her life, be it marriage of reputation, in an attempt to bring her never ending envy to ease.
Title: Qismat Episode 22 ARY Digital - October 13, 2014 Drama Name: Qismat Season: 1 Channel Name: ARY Digital Cast Meera   Uroosa Qureshi   Rashid Farooqi   Farah Nadeem   Zaheen Tahira   Shahid Naqvi   \r\nSalma Zafar   Sabahat Bukhari   Writer: Nadia Akhtar Director: Shahid Younus