Pul Siraat Episode 13 ARY Digital Drama in HD


Pul Siraat is a story that marks a distinction between good and evil. The drama revolves around three different plots all highlighting the conflict between guilt and virtuousness. Asad and Momina, depict the love and relationship between a drunkard and a sober lady. Whereas in case of Saqlain and Alina the situation is vice versa and the third track marks the ill consequences of earnings through illegal means. In all the above mentioned scenarios, the followers of the divine path are trying their level best to draw the followers of the devil out of the marsh of menace.

Title: Pul Siraat Episode 13 ARY Digital - July 07, 2011 Drama Name: Pul Siraat Season: 1 Channel Name: ARY Digital Cast Fahad Mustafa   Fatima Effendi   Aijaz Aslam   Aiza Khan   Sana Askari   Jahan Ara   Anoushay Abbasi   Salma Shaheen   Saleem Mairaj   Writer: Qaisra Hayaat Director: Nadeem Siddiqui Producer: Asif Raza Mir & Babar Javed