My Dear Sotan Episode 17 ARY Digital Drama in HD


My Dear Sotan is a story of lust and greediness that almost destroys the life of protagonist of the serial. Tehzeeb belongs to struggling middle class family and started her job after the death of her father. She always wish to have a lot of money and luxurious life. She is in love with the Meharbaan, but she decides to leave him because she got a great offer by her boss. Her boss offered him to get marry with him and she will become the head of the business, but her boss is almost double of her age. She gets married with her boss, but she faced a lot of issues because of his first wife and his son. Her family asked her to leave them completely and never come to the house. What will be the future of Tehzeeb?

Title: My Dear Sotan Episode 17 ARY Digital - December 28, 2011 Drama Name: My Dear Sotan Season: 1 Channel Name: ARY Digital Cast Saba Hameed   Sumbul Iqbal   Qavi Khan   Writer: Kifayat Rodini Director: Nadeem Siddiqi, Nadim Siddiqi Producer: Babar Javaid, Asif Raza Mir