Chup Raho Episode 1 ARY Digital Drama in HD


Evil lurks around very corner. Often under the guise of someone who we trust and respect. CHUP RAHO follows the story of a young woman, who is subjected to harsh and cruel abuse. Violated and pillaged be her own brother in-law, she is unable to find any support from her family and loved ones. Forced into silence, she embarks on a desperate journey, to wash her name of the filth, and bring the man who did her wrong to justice.

Title: Chup Raho Episode 1 ARY Digital - August 19, 2014 Drama Name: Chup Raho Season: 1 Channel Name: ARY Digital Cast Sajal Ali   Jibran Syed   Arjum   Rahim   Feroz Khan   Shaheen Khan   Yasir Nawaz   Tariq Jameel   Writer: Samira Fazal Director: Yasir Nawaz